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Topics: Blood, Immune system, Circulatory system Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Denise streete Date:23/02/201 Induction
Know the structure, and function of the human body.
These are all the structure and function of the human body.
1. Parker and Mation( 2007)Skelton system- Skeleton system is a solid moveable framework that support the body it works as levers and anchor plates to allow movement. 2. Parker and Mation(2007)muscular system- muscular are the body’s flesh. They bulge and ripple just under the skin, and are arranged in criss-crossing layers down to the bones. 3. Waugh and Grant(2010) Nervous system- the nervous system detects and responds to changes inside and outside the body. Together with the endocrine system, it control many vital aspects of the body function and maintains homeostasis. 4. Parker and Mation( 2007) Skin, Hair, and Nail system- Together skin, hair and nails are known as the integumentray They repel physical damage and hazards such as microorganisms and radiation. 5. Parker and Mation( 2007) Lymphatic and immune system- the immune system intricate interrelationships of the physical, cellular, and chemical defences provide vital resistance to many threats, including infectious diseases. 6. Waugh and Grant(2010) Endocrine system- Endocrine system consists of glands widely separated from each other with no physical connections Endocrine are groups of secretary cells surrounded by an extensive network of capillaries facilitates diffusion of hormones . 7. Waugh and Grant(2010) cardiovascular system- cardiovascular is the most function of the cardiovascular or circulatory it is responsible for delivering oxygen and other nutrients all body cells and removing carbon dioxide and other waste products. 8. Parker and Mation(2007) digestive system- digestive system is consist of a long passageway, known as the alimentary canal or digestive tract. 9. Parker and...
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