Communication Skills

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Communication Skills
making work Practice-Based
A resource commissioned by the Making Practice
Based Learning Work project, an educational development project funded through FDTL Phase 4
Project Number 174/02 and produced by staff from the
University of Ulster. Tara Dixon, Project Manager, University of Ulster
Martin O’Hara, Management Consultant
Aims and Learning Objectives 2
Introduction 3
Section 1: The Communication Process 4
Section 2: Active Listening Skills 10
Section 3: Non-verbal Communication 13
Section 4: Giving Constructive Feedback 18
Section 5: Questioning Skills 23
Section 6: Presentation Skills 28
Appendix 1 33
References 38
Communication Skills contents Communication Skills
This resource has been compiled to give a general introduction to effective communication for practice educators.
In the first section, the key components of the communication process will be discussed. The basic skills required for effective communication will be explored in the next few sections, and some specific contexts for communication, including giving presentations and feedback meetings, will be examined.
Learning Objectives
On completion of this resource, you should be able to:
• Identify the key components of the communication process.
• Identify some typical problems that can arise in the communication process and demonstrate knowledge of skills to overcome these.
• Demonstrate increased awareness of forms of communication and social behaviour.
• Identify and use strategies for managing specific contexts for communication, including giving presentations. COMMUNICATION SKILLS
Aims and Learning Objectives
Communication Skills
As we progress through our careers in the health or social care environment, the sorts of skills that are critical to our success can change and evolve. Many of us are first responsible for

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