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Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Writing Pages: 6 (2127 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Communication is a mode which help us to transfer our messages, thoughts, feelings ,thinking’s ,imagination and ideas.This is a function pre-installed or naturally exist in every human being to show his existence by language. There are two types of communication:-

* Verbal
* Non-Verbal
Non-verbal communication is done through several ways such as gestures, posters ,impressions and expressions. It plays a very important role in our lives. When we look around the world we come to know about the importance of communication in our life.It is impossible to survive in this world if you does not know how to behave with the others, how to deal with your friends ,your neighbors ,if you are a business man then how to deal with your employers if you are a employ how to deal with your boss etc. Your action and reactions matter very much in your life. Action speaks louder than words. For example when you come home late night and your father just looks at you says nothing you are very much confused that wether you father is angry with you or not. In the same way your face expressions count very much in your life. If you are suffering through some trouble even if you are not showing it to anyone but other people can understand easily that you are in trouble by reading your face expressions. In the same way you can communicate with others through your eyes .For example if you want to share some thing with your friend but you are in gathering and you can’t share that thing openly then you can communicate with your friend eyes so that he can be able to understand that you want him to talk alone. Your actions ,gestures, expressions, confidence represents your personality .your personality depends very much on your communication ,the way you deal with others members of the society .your communication shows from which kind of background you belong to. If you are good in communicating with other this shows that you belong to good family and if you are not good in communicating with others you show rude behavior to others, you do not talk well with people,you use bad gestures or expressions this shows that you belong to such type of familythat does not know how to live in the society this gives the bad impact of your family back ground on others members of the society .People dislike such types of person that does not know how to behave with others . Communication skills are required in every walk of life. These skills help you to survive in the society. These skills are required when you have to face some trouble. These skills help you come out of trouble through which you are passing. These skills help you to spend a cool and calm life without passing through any danger or mystery in your life. Verbal communication also helps a lot to survive in this world .With the help of our words we can win the heart of the persons .When to talk to someone in a good and polite manner it has a good effect on the person to whom we are talking .While talking our voice should not be loud so that people feel it unpleasant or not so much slow that people have to face difficulty while hearing to it.Communication skills help us to improve our dealing with society. If we fail to communicate, we fail to tell others our existence and our being. It really doesn’t matter than that we have the freedom of speech or not. Those of us who are good communicators are recognized and are generally appreciated for their ability in an unbiased environment .In a biased is needed even more to avoid barriers and miscommunications that can be fatal for our professional life and carriers in particular. It is known for a fact that top slots in any organization require effective communication skills. Organization needs leader to steer them and the role of communication in leadership is acknowledged universally. The most revered leaders in the human history are the ones with...
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