Communication Process Paper

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Communication Process

Carolyn Whatley


October 18, 2010
Jeffrey Gordon

Communication Process

Communication is important within all organizations, therefore an organizations communication process may be unique to that organization. Discussion includes the communication climate of Upshaw Processing as a whole. In addition, discussion includes the strengths and weaknesses of Upshaw’s communication. Discussion includes the contributions of management, supervisors, and employees that include an effective communication process. In addition, discussion includes an example that supports the communication process. Communication Climate

The communication climate in Upshaw Processing may be formal or informal, depending on the employees working. Upshaw Processing is a small family business; therefore, most of the employees are family members except during deer season when non-family employees work.

The use of informal channels of communication occurs during off-season when workers include family members, whereas during deer season, formal channels of communication occur when workers include non-family members.

“Formal channels are established by the organization and transmit messages that are related to the professional activities of the members” (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p. 353). “Informal channels are spontaneous and emerge as a response to individual choices” (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p. 353). Strengths of Communication

The communication at Upshaw Processing may reach a high level of success before and during deer season. During deer season many customers visit the processing business, therefore communication is important for the success of the business. Lack of communication during deer season may cause confusion with the customers, employees, and owners.

Communication is important because during deer season the activity increases to a high level. Employees are helping customers who are dropping off a deer for processing, employees are...
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