Communication Paper

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Communication Paper
Saneeka Hunter
September 29, 2013
Kelly Simpson
Communication Paper
We communicate with everything that we do even if you don’t know that you are communicating you are. People use gestures and body language and also facial expressions that are called nonverbal communication which is a number one way of communicating because we do it all the time using hand gestures when we are talking or a certain facial expression when something can be happy, sad, frustrating, or just boring we use non verbal communication on a regular basis. Communication goes beyond talking, nonverbal communication, in its many forms, gives off certain messages to people of different genders and cultures. Verbal communication is spoken words among individuals; it has three functions, task ordering, process orientation, and narrative. Task ordering involves cognitive meaning that focuses on choices and creates an understanding about the group’s purposes and processes. Our verbal expressions of the group will reflect in the way we act and feel towards the group.

The challenges in communication between genders will be that men and women use the same words to describe a situation, but express it differently. For example a woman says to a man that he never talks to her when he is feeling depressed or when something is bothering him as a statement that she is frustrated not knowing if she has done something wrong. He interprets that the statement is a fact, which then throws off the communication between the two because women want more than just one statement; they want to know what is actually going on especially if they are in a relationship with the opposite sex. I think that it also goes by the they body language that men and women put off men will act like they are interested, but are not really paying attention, this is something that women will notice instantly because when women are passionate about something they show it and men usually do not...

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Learning Disability Practice, ISSN 1465-8712, 03/2011, Volume 14, Issue 2, p. 11 © NSW Department of Education and Communities, and Charles Sturt University, 2013
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