Communication Opinion Paper

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Effective Communication Strategies in Health Care
The beginning of communication actually starts with the person spoken to though the verbal speech is initiated by the speaker. In fact, this is an act that is made successful when the two parties collaborate effectively. The tonality and style of the person speaking is one great factor that influences the understanding in any communication. The process of discussion can be taught by creating a positive atmosphere. To understand the process of communication I will focus on what communication is. I will look at the fundamentals of communication, communication in healthcare sector, ways of sending clear message to patients and the cultural aspects that affect communication.

Communication means successful sending of messages to the recipient through spoken, written or nonverbal means. To make the process successful, it is essential to maintain the right process with appropriate hierarchy of actions. It is as if a corporate world with hierarchies of feedback going upward to the top position from the lowest rung. So some fundamentals are needed. According to Green 2006 (pg. 22), the basic idea of communication is to act as both a sender and receiver while someone is communicating with another person. While you are sending your message you are also receiving feedback from the receiver. Then there is the process of encoding and decoding the message. Ideas come to our mind and then we process it to send to the other person. We send the idea in a way that is understandable by the receiver. When the receiver tries to understand the message, the process of decoding happens. Now the person shows some signs that tells the speaker that message has been understood. Sometimes in very fast paced communication we mistakenly think that we have understood something but later we find out that the message is confusing. Message itself is the important part of communication. It is a thought. It may be a feeling also....

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