Communication Opinion

Topics: Health care, Patient, Communication Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: September 19, 2013

Communication Opinion Paper Andrea K. Morris HCS/320 January 10, 2013 Prof. Polly Hanson

Effective communication in the healthcare industry is vital to both the patient and the physician, words become a lifeline. Communication among healthcare workers and patients impacts the safety, quality and level of care a patient receives. Lack of or poor communication will result in time and money lost misdiagnosis and chaos. Effective communication involves the sender, the receiver, the message, communication channel and feedback. Let’s first define the word communication. Communication is the transmission of information, messages or thoughts from one party to the next. Communication can be transmitted by speech, writing, signals and behavior. In the basic communication process the sender is the person issuing or giving the information. The receiver is the person that the sender wants to transmit the information to. The message is the subject matter or information the sender wants to relay to the receiver. The communication channel is the method the sender uses to transmit the information to the receiver. Feedback is the reaction and reply to the information that has been transmitted. The basic steps of effective communication are also used in healthcare communication. The doctor and the patient are the senders and the receivers of the information. The patient must give the physician details of their illness. In turn the physician must communicate clearly with the patient. The basis to effective healthcare communication is to meet medical goals, enhance personal well-being, saving time and money and making the most of the health information. Healthcare...

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