Communication of Window Displays

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A hundred shops on the high street, A hundred people walking by every second, A hundred products offered at one time. The most vital tool retailer’s use at this point, which distinguishes them from each other and play an imperative role in magnetizing the consumer into the store, are its Window Displays. This paper aims to discuss how effectively the retailer ZARA, uses its window display to communicate to and attract its potential consumer. According to Manning (2010) a stores window display is a 24-hour advertisement even when the store closes. Research has revealed that the role of a window display is not merely to sell or inform but to entertain consumers enough to make them stop and observe. Nexis(2008) states that this is the first point of contact, which starts the romance between the shoppers and the products within the store. The Prime focus of these store windows is ‘communication.’ They wish to start a conversation with its prospective buyer, for which several areas such as props and mannequins of the window are carefully selected and presented in order to enhance their communication with the consumer OCTOBER 2010 WINDOW DISPLAY

Zara’s October display held elements, which were reminiscent of the ‘steam punk’ movement. As per Baker (2010) we find him saying that in the display, the “Steam punk inspired glasses with the ever versatile Jammy Dodgers, biscuit necklaces, mounds of popcorn, old coach seats and inverted comma styled mannequin wigs [helped] to create this wonderful scene.” Taking a closer look at some of the elements in the display one finds goggles to implicitly exude the 1970’s in the stylized manner that the mannequins have been made to wear them. When one observes the conspicuous hairstyles of the mannequins one remembers the women of yesteryears, with their large bouffant. The entendre of having their bouffant shaped as inverted commas subconsciously attracts the consumers, because the commas signify importance, whatever comes between...

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