Communication Network

Topics: OSI model, Local area network, Data Link Layer Pages: 4 (1022 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Communication network are large system distributed in wide area which are designed to send and receive information from one computer to another computer and this computers are called host. Network achieves this providing a set of rules which in terms of networking are called protocols. This protocols are set for communication which every host should follow and participate. The network is made up of two types of components: Nodes and Communication lines. The nodes manages the network protocol and provides switching capabilities. Usually a node is a computer itself which operates different network. The communication lines is the route that connects a power house to its base. Examples : copper wire cables, radio waves and telephone lines.Human resources are nowadays dependent on communication through network and their various types and protocols. Human uses this network to exchange information through symbols, signals and speeches and for this type of communication network provides different tools such as radio, television, computer etc. The role of communication network is globally in current era. Networks are constructed across wide area buildings. Networks may also be citywide and even international, using both cable and air connections. There are three types of major networks .1> LOCAL AREA NETWORK (LAN) 2> WIDE AREA NETWORK (WAN) 3> METROPOLITAN AREA NETWROK (MAN). 1. LOCAL AREA NETWORK (LAN)

Group of computers which all belong to same organizations and which are linked within a small geographic area using a network and often the same technology. Data transfer speeds over a local area network can reach up to 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Local area network can reach as many as users may be 100 or even 1000 users. LOCAL AREA NETWORK is also divides in two small area network.1> TINY AREA NETWORK (TAN) AND 2> CAMPUS AREA NETWORK (CAN). TINY AREA...
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