Communication Modes

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There are other types of communication that are beyond the four basic types: face-to-face communication, spoken communications that is transmitted electronically, personally addressed written communication, and impersonal written communication. There is also visual communication. Visual communication is visual display of information, like maps, photos, signs, symbols and designs. Television and video clips are the electronic form of visual communication.

An employee that has performed in an outstanding, above-the-call manner would be given a face to face meeting, which may include a company-wide email or a public presentation to show appreciation. Face to face communication will project the sincerity and honesty of the employee’s hard work. They will be able to visualize the verbal and non-verbal cues of the manager. The public presentation of appreciation would also show other employees how hard work is rewarded in the workplace, and be a motivator for high production; including a more cohesive feeling of teamwork throughout the company. The use of a company-wide email would allow other employees to see that hard work can be rewarded by public recognition. In order to capture the attention of the employees receiving the email the salutation of “Dear Company XYZ Team Member,” to give it a more personal and endearing feel.

The most effective method to communicate a new policy on the use of cell phones would be impersonal written communication. The down-side of using this type of communication is that since it is not personally addressed to the receiver they may not read the email. If the employee does not read the email and is in violation of the new cell phone policy; it is ultimately the employees’ responsibility to stay current on new policies and procedures instituted within the company. In the event that an employee is found violating the new policy a face-to-face meeting would occur. This would include at the least a verbal reprimand...

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