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Media Imperative
In order to establish an effective communication to our target audience, Shramm’s communication model would be used for our creative brief. The source of our message is to inform our target audience that Cargill is revamping their image and is establishing sustainability plan by using _source_____. Through Schramm’s model, we want to change the attitude and beliefs of our target audience about Cargill as a company that cares about the community and willing to change its business structure and the process of production to create a positive impact for the community.. Our goal of our message is also to persuade our key publics to take action in using contraceptive pills or consider as an alternative when deciding on a vasectomy. The encoder of the message in order to reach to our key public will be through word-of-mouth by the doctors along with available brochures handed out to key public in transmitting our message. The signal or channel will be using controlled media which are brochures handed out by doctors when key public consult to them about male contraceptive pill. The brochure as our channel would provide detailed information about the function, effect and the benefit of taking male contraceptive pills. Supplementary information will also be communicated through interactive media, which would be our webpage. Personalized communication channel like radio would be used to build awareness about male contraceptive pills, as it is a new concept that is known to only few. Our decoder, which is our receiver of the message or the key public, will be informed and awareness would increase about using male contraceptive pill in preventing against unplanned pregnancy. Once our key public attitude and beliefs towards male contraceptive pills are changed and action has been taken, destinations of our intended message have been reached.

Consumers with lower education are higher users of television, especially cable. Consumers with higher education...
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