Communication Modality Within Health Care

Topics: Electronic medical record, Medicine, Health care Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: January 16, 2012
Communication is a must for a successful venture. Within health care, the modality for effective communication has grown in the last decade. In general, providers are creating processes to increase patient safety. In this paper, the author will converse on communication factors associated with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). The paper will cover the benefits of electronic medical records, the value of confidentiality of an electronic medical record, communication effectiveness, modes of communication differences, media and social networking influences on health care communication, and the use of marketing within media and social networking communication venues. Electronic medical records have become a major over haul to health care. Electronic medical records play a key factor in reducing medical errors and increasing patient satisfaction. Electronic medical records store a patient’s entire medical history. Physicians are able to access patient information at the click of a mouse. Information is available in real time, clinical images are readily available and a patient’s prescription history can be obtained at a more spontaneous speed. Electronic medical records systems are top of the line software bundles that cost thousands of dollars to implement and maintain, but is worth every penny. To have medical records readily available to save a life is priceless. Electronic medical records are a benefit to patients. Margaret Richards states in her research that in the year 2000, there were an estimated 44,000 to 98,000 Americans who perished due to medical errors was reported by the Institute of Medicine (Richards, 2009). Having the ability to access patients’ records electronically has reduced hand writing error, prescription errors and diagnosis errors. One aspect relating to the values and importance of maintaining patient confidentiality while using electronic medical records is the fact that all medical enhancements proposed and implemented must fall...

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