Communication Method

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Appreciation, Facial expression Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Describe one method you use to keep (a) staff and (b) students informed of what is happening in your organization. Staff
The organization where I work consists of seventeen (17) staff members, ranging between the ages of twenty and sixty. Our school building is diverse, in that there is a two storey consisting of ten classrooms and a Literacy Room, as well as, two separate buildings at another end with four classrooms. Hence the reason why face-to- face communication is vital. As persons today communicate more through the electronic media, face- to- face discussions can easily disintegrate. One of the advantages of face- to- face communication is the personal touch. While the speed of communication increases with email, voicemail and instant texting, some of the dialogue and personal touch can disappear. In the words of Helen Keller, ‘We are all walking signboard on our foreheads which reads- ‘Appreciate me’.’ It appears that we have replaced a little physical touch of a pat on the back with ‘Thank You’ and ‘Good job’ emails. But nothing motivates a worker more than their employer coming to them and appreciating them in front of someone. “It’s difficult to build rapport over an email; I would feel much better if my boss appreciates me in person, says Ashok Krishnan, a CA with nestle. For my staff, having staff meetings, whether briefly for five minutes or an hour, face-to-face allows me the opportunity to provide information, clear out misunderstandings and answer questions persons may have at the same time. I am also provided with instant feedback which allows me analyze and evaluate situations. Being able to observe body language is another benefit of face- to- face communication. Sometimes we may say one thing but our body language and facial expressions may show another. If staff is making a point, I am able to assess their tone of voice in relation to posture, eye contact and muscle tension, which cannot be done through a note, telephone conversation...

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