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Project Report


sales and distribution system


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Executive Summary

The automotive industry is an extremely reliable indicator of economic growth; quite obviously, its growth boosts the economy’s performance.

In this report we study how two big players in the Indian automotive sector, namely TATA Motors and Hyundai Motors India manage their sales and distribution system, the pace of growth we had mentioned earlier led us to select this sector and these companies as they are among the best performers.

While one company was a truck manufacturer until the early nineties and the other a late entrant in the mid nineties as a subsidiary of a Korean Industrial conglomerate. We felt there would be a big diversity between both these companies in the distribution and sales, diversity in the form of models and structures.

Part A of the project is data collated from mainly secondary sources but it serves as the groundwork, giving the reader a good idea of the company we are studying. Part B has all the data and findings we have collected on the field, we have interviewed dealers of both these companies and also company sources. We had circulated questionnaires To understand the system better and also get an idea of what all the respondents thought of the system.

We have given certain recommendations based on the data we have assimilated and also the conclusions have been based on the same.


I would sincerely like to thank the following people for their assistance and support through the course of compiling the report. They have each been instrumental in their own right in making this report a reality and hopefully a success:

Mr. Raghav Oberai
Mr. Ashish Gupta
Mr. Ritesh Bhatnagar
Mr. Bhanu Sood
Mr. Anuraag Singh

I would also like to thank Mrs. Shweta Wadhwa for their guidance throughout project.



1. Executive Summary
2. Acknowledgement
3. Methodology
a) Sector and Players
b) Information Sources
c) Data Collection Tools
d) Limitations
4. Company Background

Brief History

1. Year of Establishment
2. Turnover and other financials
3. Product Mix
4. Market Share
5. Area of operation
5. Findings
6. Data Analysis
7. Conclusion
8. Recommendations
9. Annexure
10. Bibliography


A Sector & Players

The sector that we chose for the project is the Automobile sector.

We chose this particular sector because the India automobile sector has seen a tremendous growth rate over the past few years. The investors have gained confidence over the years in the Indian automobile market especially after the process of globalization and reforms in the economy is firmly on track.

Another reason for choosing this sector was that it covers all the 3 aspects i.e. Distribution network, Service network and Sales functioning.

The players (companies) chosen for study are Hyundai Motors and TATA Motors. Both the companies are leaders in the market and both are renowned for making quality cars.

We have done an in depth study of the distribution networks the service networks and the sales functions.

B Information sources

Primary sources

The primary source of information has been the dealers of both the companies. They have provided us all data of the distribution, sales and after sales network in their capacity as channel partners of the concerned companies.

Secondary sources

Various sources such as company URLs, Internet, magazines and relevant journals have been used. All information retrieved from such sources has been appropriately classified in the bibliography.

C Data collection...
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