Communication Management Plan

Topics: Project management, Culture, Communication Pages: 4 (1030 words) Published: July 27, 2014
Communications Management Plan
Team One
Capella University
Project Management Fundamentals
Professor Johnson
December 01, 2013

The impact of Organizational Influences, Cultures, and Styles on a Communication Plan

Many corporations stress on technical skills and experience when it comes to their resources and they overlook the real organizational influences like cultures, and communication. Organizational culture is a set of shared assumption, values, and behaviors that characterizes the functioning of an organization. Within an organization there could be several different cultures. For example, IT department may have a different culture than finance and so on. However the combination of these different cultures is so powerful that it can create issues for any organization and can affect organizations ability to manage projects. In most projects there are many stakeholders with different levels of involvement. It is important to identify the stakeholders early in a project and analyze their levels of interest, expectations, significance and influence. Unfortunately many projects team members rely only on existing communication channels to communicate with the stakeholders. Project success depends on good communication strategy during a project life cycle. A successful project demands focusing on individual and group communication needs. That includes formal and informal method for communication. Informal conversation allows the project members to communicate freely and exchange important information in an effective and timely manner. Improving communication often requires culture change in an organization. For example, technical team may need coaching in order to communicate with non-technical team members. “Short face to face meetings are often more effective than electronic communications, particularly for sensitive information”. ( Schwalbe, K., 2014). It is also important to acknowledge that there are more extrovert people than...

References: Schwalbe, K. (2014). Information technology project management (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Course Technology.
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