Communication in Nursing

Topics: Communication, Psychiatric and mental health nursing, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: July 2, 2013
Communication Paper                                                                                     Since the dawn of time man has been evolving in the ways we think and interact with each other. What was appropriate a generation ago might not be appropriate today. As nurses we know very intimate details of our patients’ lives, those details can blur the line between a friendly relationship and a professional relationship. Even though you feel you know the patient like you know your best friend you still have to treat them with the utmost respect, and dignity. Social communication is something we do on a daily basis whether it is with a patient or acquaintance, we refer to it as small talk. In contrast Therapeutic communication skills are very specific and goal oriented, they aren't skills one is born with, these skills take time to perfect and build on. What is communication? The Townsend text defines it as “an interactive process of transmitting information between two or more entities”. In any communication there are “preexisting conditions” that affect the intended message and the way it is received, some examples include values, attitudes, beliefs, social status and environment in which the communication takes places (Townsend, 2010).  A large part of communication is nonverbal communication, how you present yourself and your body language goes a long way in getting your point across. 70-90 percent of all effective communication is nonverbal (Townsend, 2010). A nurse-patient relationship can have multiple types of communication including non-therapeutic, social, and therapeutic. If a nurse errs and uses non-therapeutic communication such as rejecting, giving reassurance, or probing, negative outcomes occur. Non-therapeutic techniques discourage further expression of feelings and ideas and provoke negative responses or behaviors in others (Potter, Perry, Stockert & Hall, 2009) On the other hand therapeutic communication techniques such as; using...

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