Communication in Management

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Foxwoods Resort and Casino
The Foxwoods Resort Casino is considered to be the largest casino in the world. Located in Mashantucket, Connecticut, the resort comprises 4,700,000 sq ft of space and employs over 8,000 team members. The casino has over 380 gaming tables, several restaurants, 1,416 hotel rooms, and a two story arcade for children and teens. Foxwoods also owns the title of the most slot machines of any casino in the world, numbering over 7,200. The mission statement of Foxwoods Resort Casino is as follows: Formal Communications

Foxwoods also has a Toke Committee that is responsible for collecting and tally the dealer tips daily. Horizontal communication occurs when the President of the Committee sends memos to the members and when the Committee meeting agendas are typed and given to the dealers. Informal Communications

During my tenure at Foxwoods, there were many instances of informal communication. In the employee cafeteria, there were many different groups that would usually sit together to have informal discussions. Among these were the group that discussed the implementation of a union for the dealers to protect their pay and rights. Another was a group that discussed the issue of Foxwoods status as a sovereign nation and the rights of employees who required Workman Compensation. These issues were large issues that circulated through the grapevine. Communication Barriers

Foxwoods serves more than 40,000 guests daily and collects information on the gaming interests of its patrons. The resort lacked information about the non-gaming activity of these patrons. The communication barrier occurs in Foxwoods inability to improve its understanding of how to serve the needs and desires of patrons by capturing data on the leisurely pursuits of its guest. Foxwoods needed to find a solution to make the best use of its large facility. Solutions for Communication Barriers

The communication barrier between Foxwoods and its employees can be...
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