Communication in Management

Topics: Decision making, Communication, Risk Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Effective oral communication is a vital element of decision making. Managers must have exceptional oral communication skills to express their decisions to personnel on a daily base. Managers’ lacking this key skill of oral communication loses the ability to get their personnel to abide by their decisions. An effective decision can be made but if it is not accurately communicated to the appropriate personnel than the one effective decision will become mute. Oral communication is also essential for teamwork and working in groups. The inability to effectively communicate in decision making will destroy the execution of a decision. Mangers and the staff won’t be on the same page and nothing will be done accordingly. Listening is a key aspect of oral communication that managers need in order to give feedback on concerns and questions. If a manager attends a meeting to discuss business expansion or the opportunity to enter a new market and they do not orally express their views on the potential decision, their staff will be left confused and not know how to proceed on with opening positions. They will be seen as a lack of support which can lead to a crucial decline in interest for the company. In class Professor Lowery has stated many times that managers get paid to make decisions even when all the information needed at the time may not be available. Managers must orally communicate with fellow managers and key decision makers in the firm to squeeze out what information needs to be put out, especially if the decision is time sensitive. Managers do not always have time to get information in writing. In class we have discussed emergency decisions and how it is very time sensitive thus managers must be able to orally communicate with others to make effective decisions. Oral communication is a foundation for teamwork and working in groups. Employees working with one another must be able to articulate information to each other orally. This is very important for the...
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