Communication in Health Care

Topics: Electronic health record, Health informatics, Medicine Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: March 24, 2014

Today when a patient is admitted in a healthcare facility there are a lot of individuals who get involved in the communications process in terms of sharing the patient information, insurance details etc. This has sparked an interest in all the healthcare organizations to try and use the best possible communication technologies so they can disseminate the information to the required individuals easily and efficiently. This paper will take a look into one such communication method and will go into detail as to what are the benefits to the patients, how the confidentiality factor is impacted and how social medias can help in the chosen method to advertise and market the products. It will be difficult to believe but the information communication is the bulk of all the medical transactions that happen in any medical setting. This entire communication can be termed as a communication space, in which the number of individuals involved will determine the number of transactions happening (Enrico Coiera, 2006). There are different types of communication modes available like email, EHR, web-based forums, telephonic communications etc. We would discuss HER (Electronic Health Records) as a means of communication mode between the patients and the doctors. Previously the data about the patient was stored in paper-based filing. This was efficient at that time because there was no other way for storing the information. Today all the healthcare facilities are shifting towards the Electronic Health Records. This has made storage of all the records in a very compact manner and very easy. Now all the records can be accessed at one single place. The bulkiness of the paper-based filing is now no more needed with the help of EHRs. All information at one place has helped the doctors to communicate to the patients about their medical conditions and diagnose properly. There are many benefits to the patients with Electronic Health Records....

References: Enrico Coiera, 2006. Communication Systems in Healthcare. Retrieved from
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