Communication in Health and Social Care

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Writing Pages: 3 (644 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Different forms of communication.
In these two sections I am going to identify the four different forms of communication and later on I am going to describe them all briefly.

P1) Identify different forms of communication.
Verbal Communication
Non-verbal communication
Written communication
Technological aids

M1) Describe different forms of communication.
Verbal communication: Verbal communication is when one make use of a spoken language to show his or her opinion or simply just
to communicate with others. Verbal
communication has a wide range of
purposes. The most obvious function is
that verbal communication is the main
procedure when it comes to communicate
with others. Also the purpose of verbal
communication is to show one needs,
desires, and ideas but above all it serves in
the course of teaching and learning. Apart
from all the purposes mentioned above,
verbal communication can be used to
form better relationship and building
relationships with others.

Non-verbal communication: Nonverbal communication refers to
the actions that one make to
communicate with others apart
from the obvious ones like
speaking or writing. This form of communication includes: facial expressions, body language (hand movement, head movement), eye contact, proximity, posture, appearance, signs, symbols and pictures. It can be more efficient and sometimes more than verbal communication. Body language is all the body movements that one makes to express his or her feelings. This include how one stands, the way that someone is walking or simply just the way one moves can give signs of how we are feeling. Another type of non-verbal

communication is gestures. Hand
movement, facial expression, head
movement and even body postures are all
gestures. Signs, symbols and pictures can be
used for example by workers to indicate
some sort of work in progress in the streets.
Another important type of non-verbal
communication is the use of sign language.
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