Communication in Business

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“The greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished” * George Bernard Shaw

“The greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished” * George Bernard Shaw


2.Corporate communication
and Strategy Framework
3.Communicating in Corporate Crisis Context

1.INTRODUCTION.There is a widespread belief in the management world that in today’s society the future of any company critically depends on how it is viewed by key stakeholders, such as shareholders and investors, customers and consumers, employees, and members of the community in which the company operates. Globalization, corporate crises and the recent financial crisis have further strengthened this belief. CEOs and senior executives of many large organizations and multinationals nowadays consider protecting their company’s reputation to be ‘critical’ and view it as one of their most important strategic objectives. This objective of building, maintaining and protecting the company’s reputation is actually the core task of corporate communication practitioners. However, despite the importance attributed to a company’s reputation, the role and contribution of corporate communication is, in many companies, still far from being fully understood. Managers, consultants and researchers have traditionally paid little attention to effective management of “Corporate Crisis”. These crisis problems are not solved in its primary stage and usually chaotic without any strategic crisis solution or crisis management plans. The situation gets worse when the companies’ employees as well as internal and external environment have to be informed. It can create related threats like public safety, financial loss and reputation loss. Some crisis such as industrial accidents and product harm can result in...
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