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This assignment will explain the importance of nursing and midwifery code of practice within the health environment and will discuss the 3 elements of Nursing and Midwifery as part of the assignment by using the code of practice as a guide. The code of practice is the foundation of good nursing and midwifery practice and key tool in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of the public. The code states that a Registered Nurse, Midwifery and health professionals must protect and support the health of individual patients or clients besides also protect and support the health of the wider community as individuals and respect their dignity. The health professionals need to act in such a way that justifies the trust and confidence the public have in them as Nurses. The NMC is important to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the public. The NMC recommends that a registered nurse, midwife or specialist Community public health nurse, in advising, treating and caring for patients or clients, has professional security insurance. This is in the interests of clients, patients and registrants in the event of claims of professional negligence. The practice of delivering nursing and midwifery care includes ability not only to participate actively in care provision but also to accept responsibility for the effective and competent management of the care and practised within a safe environment. The Nurses or health Professionals have the ability to take responsibility for the delegation of aspects of care to others. Effectively administering and helping the work of such carers and they must have the ability to work effectively within the nursing, midwifery and wider multidisciplinary team. Make the care of people your first concern, treating them as individuals and respecting their dignity is one of the 3 chosen elements. This element clarifies how to treat people as individuals and respect their dignity. The health professionals have to discuss with the patients about their...
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