communication difficulties

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Main communication difficulties.
There are four main difficulties of communication, which are Physical-
There may be some damage to parts of the body involved in the speech for example ears, vocal chords or parts of the brain. Emotional-
Shyness, fear or lack of confidence may prevent communication skills from forming. Cultural –
Different family backgrounds, beliefs, accents and languages. Communication Problems -
stammer, stutter, autism, downs syndrome and cleft lip may all hinder the development of speech.

Barriers of communication and how to overcome it.
Many people have some sort of difficulty or barrier when when it comes to communicating. Below are five barriers of communication and ways of overcoming the barriers.

Deafness –
To overcome deafness you can use sign language, write things down or use picture cards, drawings and and photos. The deaf can lip read if you talk face to face, clearly and slowly so they can follow what you are saying. Speech Impediment -

A speech and language therapist will help children with speech impediments. They can help the children's language get better and can interperate words others might not understand. Songs, rhymes and musical activities are also a good way to develop children's language. Blind -

Using braille can help the blind communicate.
Different Languages –
Many children in the UK today come from families that have English as a second language, or may not even speak English. It is important to understand cultural differences, and have an an understanding of the child's background and skills. Having bilingual workers to support children with English as a second language can help translate and help the child with their English, which will help them communicate. It is important to make sure you use plain language when talking so they find it easier to understand you. Poor Body Language -

Poor body language can a barrier when communicating and can send the wrong message out. If you use...
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