Communication Cycle

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Theories of the communication cycle and group formation

Michael Argyle – The communication Cycle
Argyle thought that interpersonal communication was similar to driving a car, a skill that can be learned. The process of learning to drive involves the building up of understanding, the ability to listen, observation skills and being able to reflect on what the instructor may be trying to communicate. The communication cycle consists of; Ideas occurring – You have an Idea to communicate.

The instructor thinks about what he is going to teach you first.

Message coded –You consider the different ways of communicating your idea and put your idea into words, sign language etc. The instructor uses words to formulate his idea ‘’we shall learn what each part of the car does first’’ Message sent – You formulate your message in a way that you find appropriate. The instructor says it in a happy encouraging way. Message received – The other person receives your message and in this case hears what is communicated. The student hears what the instructor has said to them. Message Decoded - The person you’re communicating with tries to decode the message, they work out what manor it is being portrayed in, is it sarcasm, serious, a question… The student notices the happy and encouraging tone to the instructor’s voice. Message Understood – The receiver can now respond to what they understood. The student simply replies with ‘’ok’’ to show that they understand what they are going to do.


Forming - stage 1
The rest of the group depend on the leader for guidance and direction. . Individual’s roles and responsibilities are not clear at this point. The leader needs to be ready to answer a lot of questions about the team's purpose and objectives. Members test tolerance of system and leader. Leader directs.

Storming - stage 2
Decisions are not made easily with in a group. Team members compete for positions as they try to establish themselves in relation to other...
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