Communication Climate

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Communication Climate in my Work Environment
The climate of communication in the workplace is important. Warm, positive environments sets up the day for team work, better work performance and also smooth running operations. If you go into work and everyone is cranky and not talking, the environment is negative and uncomfortable. You can cut the tension with a knife. It is no fun. People snap on one another, or everyone gets out of place and unorganized. It is very important to have a much cooler climate at work. I worked at Cracker Barrel for almost two years. Every day was different. When certain people with bad attitudes were there, it caused everyone else to be in a more negative mood. One person can change the entire team, especially if all they are doing is complaining about things that cannot be helped. We had a lot of people like that. Some days I could ignore it, other days my attitude clashed with hers and it was not pretty, let’s just say. Communication was different every day. The managers were great about accepting feedback and also giving out positive and constructive criticism. There were times, even the managers, were not in a very positive communication climate and it made me definitely feel uncomfortable and I did not want to be working there in those times. When I first started working there, everyone just yelled across the restaurant and it would get a little noise cluttered sometimes, and orders would not be heard, which caused chaos overload. When they decided to have a QA on the cook line and another on the other side of the window, communication was dropped down to only those two people. It was a good idea for a while, but when they assigned a QA who was not very verbal, everything got out of whack. This caused miscommunication with all areas of the store. We ran out of food in backup when we shouldn’t have, overwhelming that area to work faster and feel responsible for high ticket times. The overall communication did not affect my...
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