Communication Channel Scenarios

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Communication is essential in the business. The communication channels that business leaders use to provide information to their audiences are very important so that the audience receives the message in a clear and concise manner so that it is clearly understood. In this document, I explore three communication channel scenarios and justify what communication channel best suits each situation.

Communication Channel Scenarios
In business, managers need to communicate using the best methods available and be mindful of the communication channel possible. The three scenarios below describe the best communication channel for each situation.

Scenario I
As the Marketing Manager for a beverage company, it is my responsibility to engage my team to develop a strategy to introduce a new beverage to the global marketplace. The challenge is that my team and I have only one week to prepare our strategic plan to present to the Vice President of Operations for the company. I must engage my team as soon as possible to give them enough time to provide input into the plan so that we can meet our deadline. Communication Channel - Team

The best communication channel to use to introduce my team to the new project would be to have a face-to-face meeting with the team. The team members not in proximity to the meeting location can join the meeting through conference call, video conferencing, or perhaps by employing the use of a collaborative tool such as Windows Live Meeting. In the initial meeting, I would share the information that was provided to me with the entire team and begin to evaluate the tasks at hand and start the task assignments. After the initial meeting, we would switch to electronic, written communications through e-mails. Because the project is due in one week, we would need daily status updates. I would require that team members submit their information to me so that I could compile the report for submission to the Vice President of...

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