Communication Barriers on Site

Topics: Communication, Barrier, Project management Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: September 21, 2011
Communication Barriers effect the construction site

Taking into consideration that communication is the glue of a company that helps team members to get their work done. Barriers do exist in the work place that can entertain, distort or limit communication among others. The misinterpretation in the communication process due to communication barriers, can affect the productivity, safety and teamwork of the staff on a construction site. As example Antony Oliver (1September,2002) claims that the incorrect positioning to the temporary bearings that was positioned during incremental launching was the primary cause of the fatal Injaka Bridge collapse in South Africa in 1998. Which communication barriers and the effects of each barrier on the above mentioned aspects will be briefly explained in the following essay.

In this context physical barriers may be defined as the barrier that effects the productivity of the team and can influence the time limit in which the project must be done. When you are on a construction site the construction noise as well as the heat may limit communication between members of the team. This can slow down the productivity of the project, which can lead to the project not being finished in time and the contract may be lost. Possibly team members could wear ear protectors and communicate via signals during construction noise. In conclusion I agree that physical barriers limit communication which influence the productivity on a construction site.
Surely teamwork plays an important role on the construction site. The team must be able to work together in order to work productively. They must understand each other and be a unit to ensure a job well done. But people see and understand the world in different ways. For example, when a task is given to a team on the construction site they all will pursue the objective in a different way because of their perceptual barriers that limit communication. The team leader may ask the team...
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