Communication Barrier

Topics: Psychology, Communication, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 3 (699 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Everybody communicates. Whether it is communication as simple as Intrapersonal (communication within oneself) through to communicating in front of masses of people (public communication). In the business world both types of communications can be used in day to day practices and in Rest Homes for Elderly care good communication is vital both between the staff and between staff and patient.

But along with communication comes noise or barriers that restrict the meaning of the message, (Effective Business Communication in New Zealand, Pg. 10) i.e.: how the receiver conveys the message. Using my own knowledge of the working situation within a rest home I have decided that perception is the most important of barriers. Of perception three of the most important areas are Field of experience, Personality and Characteristics and the use of language and tone.

Field of experience includes barriers resulting from differences in education and levels of competence, language barriers are examples of this as are differing experiences with technical jargon. For example it wouldn’t be suitable for a nurse to explain to a patient that what s wrong is that, the blistered epidermis, has an infection, as it is unlikely that the patient would understand what is being said.

People’s fields of experience vary widely within a rest home not only due to the residences geographic locations but also in terms of their study, work, family life and culture.

To overcome these barriers nurses need to be trained about other cultures and they need to be understanding about the occupant's backgrounds.

Everyone has their own personality or characteristics. The characteristics of our personality s include our needs beliefs values and expectations.

Needs are said to be psychological in nature need safety, belonging, esteem and self-fulfillment. If these needs are not fully satisfied our communication will be effected. For Example, if one of the nurses within a rest home is suffering...
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