Communication and Social Media

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Nick Lansden
December 8, 2011

Communication through Media

Media is a BIG part of communication today. Business owners, political candidates, singers/songwriters and even sports team managers try to influence us and shape our views through advertising in media. People will do/say anything to get your attention. Kids today watch television and play video games more then they play outside, the computer is used as a main source of information instead of books, and when was the last time you walked outside and didn’t see someone on their phone. Since a lot of today’s society is sucked into technology, this has become an issue.

According to television and health, 99% of households in the U.S. contain at least one TV and the average number of TV sets per household is 2.24. TV is one of the main sources for people to get their product out there. According to Television and Health the number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children is 3.5, but the number of minutes per week that a child watches television is 1,680. It is one of the main types of media in our society that influences decisions and helps to inspire the kids in today’s culture, and most messages sent through the television are not having a positive effect. Advertisements for beauty products, muscle builders, and different clothes are making everyone feel inadequate. This causes children to grow up in depression, or hating the way they look because they cant look the “models” on TV. Also, I feel like every other commercial is about condoms, or a different beer that’s better then the rest. This also gives kids the idea that it’s ok to do those kinds of things. According to Television and health the average number of murders a kid sees on TV before finishing elementary school is 8,000, and the number of violent acts seen by a person before age 18 is 200,000. This could possibly be where all the violence in today’s society is coming...
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