Communication and Proffesional Relationships 1.1

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COMMUNICATION AND PROFFESIONAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH CHILDREN, YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULTS 1.1 Information from supporting teaching &learning n schools by Louise Burnham
To establish respectful, professional relationships with children and young people you should adapt your behaviour and communication accordingly. You should also be able to show that you are approachable and able to work in an environment of mutual support. When working with children or young people, it is important to earn their trust to enable an honest relationship to develop. This can usually be done by ensuring that your behaviour is professional, relationship and fair at all times. Children of all ages, cultures and abilities must feel secure and valued. In order to get these relationships correct from the start you should all discuss rules and how they will be important when working together. Always respect others at the beginning and remember that this is crucial, start by talking about how you are going to work together and what each individual wants out of it. This will enable that you develop a mutually respectful relationship. All of teachers / assistants need to be aware of the kinds of issues which are vital to pupils and always be able to take time in talking these through when necessary. To show children they are part of the school community you should positively communicate and involve pupils. This however is not the same as giving pupils attention when they demand it!
Information from supporting teaching & learning in schools by Louise Burnham and internet.
Communication with children and young people differs across different age groups and stages of development, which may require varying levels of attention at different times. The younger the child, the more reassurance is required, especially when first starting school. They also may need to have more physical contact as a result. As

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