Communication and People

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Communication can be defined as different ways according to people, but the most common definitions are these: Communications are the systems and processes that are used to communicate or broadcast information (like a communications satellite). According to another definition, a communication is a message that is sent to someone by, for example, sending a letter etc. Communication procedure is very important for all over the world because people instruct, harmonize, advise and manage during this process. This communication process can provide an incorporation of people from every social area [1].

An efficient communication can be created if the receiver accepts true idea or main purpose which the sender aimed to transmit. But sometimes it is possible to say that communication could be breakable because of some problems. From time to time, the direct conclusion of people failing to communicate and mechanisms that leads to perplexity and wonderful plans to be unsuccessful can be defined as main problems for some organizations [1]. Briefly, all people require communicating effectively; however, the efficiency of this communication varies with lots of environmental and individual factors. Moreover, some individuals with severe handicap advance unconventional and they are unable to socially communicate. Sometimes they could be acted aggressively. On the other hand, it is the main responsibility of all people who interact with these types of individuals, to recognize the communication ways produced by them and find another facilitated communication techniques [2].

People are used to make communications with one another a little differently, before the days of texting and tweeting. The communication processes would take weeks even months even with the help of animals and other structures. By the aid of new technological developments, the distributing the ideas and messages has become easier. It is possible to say that after all, 100’s years ago no one would have dreamed of all the things we have today. It can be seen a graph about the development of communication techniques and the methods and tools throughout the ages at the below:

Figure 3.1. The History of Communication in General Scheme
3.1. Early Communication
Cave drawings can be classified as an evident for different cultural features including battles, hunts, wars.

Figure 3.2. Cave Drawings
Before the books, storytelling was used to explain the stories fictioabout fiction and nonfiction and this is the way of communication. By the aid of these stories, families and other people belong to

society transmit the informations for the future.

Figure 3.3. Storytelling

Another way was about drums. These materials were used to
send signals about concerns and affairs to the groups or neighboring tribes.

Figure 3.4. Drums

People who are far away from each other had used smoke signals to
make a communication between each other. According to different
cultures and families, the meaning of smoke was varying [4].

Figure 3.5. Smoke Signals

3.2. Printing Press
The Diamond Sutra was the oldest printed book written with Chinese and it was also a religious book. Mulberry wood was used for other printed books. The first actual printing press was discovered in 1450 by Johann Gutenberg and it would be defined as a screw press similar to wine press. How to create a convenient ink which would print with metal type, was also created by Gutenberg and in reality the first oldest full length volume of Bible was printed in that time. Printing mechanism then spread out all over the Europe, but the base was of...

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