Communication and Learners

Topics: Motivation, Communication, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 7 (2512 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Alucia Mabunda student no 42740495 EDLHODM ASS 1 DUE 12/03/14 Question 1
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Motivation
What is motivation?
Ways to motivate learners
Grouping learners based on ability
Promote co operation over competition
3. Communication
What is communication
The communication process
Effective communication
Effective listening
Non verbal communication
4. Interpersonal relations between learners and the educator I.
Importance of interpersonal relations between learners and the educator II.
Ways to promote good relations
5. The maintenance of discipline
6. My classroom discipline policy
Why is it important to have a classroom policy
Steps to developing a classroom discipline policy
7. Conclusion
8. Bibliography

Alucia Mabunda student no 42740495 EDLHODM ASS 1 DUE 12/03/14 Introduction
Learners are the main clients to every educator and therefore it is important that they are always motivated. In the olden days, educators were of the view that learners should somehow be inherently motivated, not aware of the role that they have to play in the motivation of the learners. There are certain factors that an educator needs to take into account in order to ensure that learners are motivated and the most important of it all is creating an environment which is conducive for learning.

What is motivation?
Motivation is the driving force that causes the flux from desire to will in life, it is the literal desire to do things. Learners do have the role to achieve set learning outcomes at school, however, as a n educator, I have the role of ensuring that they are motivated enough to achieve those set outcomes. Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation influences learners to choose a task, get energized about it and persuit until they accomplish it successfully regardless of whether it brings about immediate reward. This type of motivation is seen when learners actively seek out and participate in activities without having to be rewarded by materials or activities outside the learning task. Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation is when learners are motivated by an outcome that is external or functionally unrelated to the activity in which they are engaged.
As an educator, I have to act the part by showing just how motivated I am to my learners even by the way I present my lessons or the type of teaching method that I use. Motivated learners are the type of learners who initiate actions, expend effort and persist in that effort. Ways to motivate learners

Feedback motivates learners and encourages them. The feedback should be directed at the student actions and not their character. Feedback also helps learners to believe in themselves and their abilities, even appreciating things such as improved handwriting in a learner. Though feedback encourages learners, I must continue to show that I value effort more than ability. Grouping learners based on ability

As an educator I should refrain from grouping that exclusively promotes ability. Grouping learners based on ability sometimes make learners think that an educator values ability exclusive of effort and this may cause learners to become demotivated. They will in turn see no value of the hard work they do.

Alucia Mabunda student no 42740495 EDLHODM ASS 1 DUE 12/03/14 Promote co operation over competition
Promoting co operation over competition is done by using co operative learning which is assigning learners of varying abilities , ethnicity, gender mix to small groups that pursue common goals together. On this level, I ensure that every member is given a role to play, either as a recorder, researcher, or a summarizer in order to foster the group’s goal.

Teaching realistic goal setting
Learners should believe that their efforts to learn and mastering new skills will not be in vain. This depends on how realistic their set goals are. Unreached goals may...
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