Communication and Language

Topics: Communication, Nonviolent Communication, Graphic communication Pages: 3 (551 words) Published: November 12, 2013
1.1 Explain each of the terms:
Speech, language and communication needs

1.2 Explain how speech, language and communication skills support each of the following areas in children’s development: Learning
1.3 Describe the potential impact of speech, language and communication difficulties on the overall development of a child, both currently and in the longer term

Explain taken from a leaflet produced by the Communications Consortium ‘Explaining Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)’, “Children and young people with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) have difficulties in communicating with others; it may be that they cannot express themselves effectively or they may have difficulties in understanding what is being said to them. Alternatively those who support them may not understand their way of communicating. Children and young people may have difficulties across one or many of the different elements of speech, language and communication resulting in a communication breakdown.

This may be minor and temporary, or it may be complex and long-term. Under this umbrella term, there will be many different labels used.

The term ‘needs’ refers both to the needs of the individual and to what society can do to support their inclusion. It implicitly looks both at the individual and the environment in which children play, learn, communicate and live.”

2.1 Explain the ways in which adults can effectively support and extend the speech, language and communication development of children during the early years 2.2 Explain the relevant positive effects of adult support for the children and their carers 2.3 Explain how levels of speech and language development vary between children entering early years provision and need to be taken into account during settling in and planning

Ways may include:
The words and levels language adults use with...
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