Communication and Collaboration Strategies

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Communication and Collaboration Strategies

Homework Assignment Week 2

GEN/200 Foundations for General Education and Professional Success

Prof. Giselle Bayard

May 29, 2011

Communication and Collaboration Strategies

When it comes to learning, there is no set or standard way for everyone to learn. In fact, every person has their own way of learning and interpreting what they learn as they perceive it. Upon completing the assessments, which emphasize on learning and personality, several learning styles and personality types have been identified. These learning styles and personality types will help develop an effective strategy for communicating and collaborating with others in a group setting.

Learning Styles

Three main learning styles identified upon the completion of the assessment were; interpersonal, visual spatial, and musical styles. The assessment results identify interpersonal learning as the primary learning style. Interpersonal learning, according to Carter, et al. (2007), is described as the ability to relate to others, noticing their moods, motivations and feelings through teamwork and cooperative learning activities. Interpersonal learning allows for an exchange of ideas between team members as well as personal opinions. An efficient strategy for effective communication and collaboration among others through interpersonal learning is sharing knowledge through exchange of ideas and taking all ideas into consideration brought forth by everyone.

Following the interpersonal learning style is the visual-spatial style which enables learning through use of visual designs such as graphs, maps, and other images. The visual-spatial learning style illustrates the problem and allows for visualizing a solution or an approach to solving a problem. An important strategy through the visual-spatial learning style is using colors in notes to organize thoughts, ideas, or material.

The musical learning style, as...

References: Carter, C., Bishop, J., & & Liman Kravitz, S. (2007). Keys to College Studying: Becoming an Active Thinker, Second Edition. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall.
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