Communication and Collaboration Paper

Topics: Psychology, Communication, Learning styles Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: July 5, 2010
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Communication and Collaboration Paper
In my work experience, I have been a part of many teams. The teams consisted of individuals from different backgrounds and expertise. Whether in the workforce or the online classroom we encounter different cultures and experiences. This diversity within a team can be challenging. But when you are working to accomplish a common goal it can be rewarding when the team is carefully put together. Communicating and collaborating effectively within the team lead to successful completion of tasks. Everyone does not have the same values. Everyone does not have the same sense of urgency. Everyone does not realize the results are reflective of the entire team. Whatever the case may be there must some understanding of different learning styles and personalities. The key to accomplishing goals as a team is to develop strategies to utilize each member’s strength in their learning styles and personalities. Learning Styles and Strategies for Communication and Collaboration The learning styles may include intrapersonal, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, or bodily-kinesthetic. The intrapersonal learner has the ability to understand one’s own behavior and feelings. This is typically displayed in communications. This individual is expressive, content in working alone, and may be counted on to complete a task that requires attention to detail. The visual spatial learner has the ability to perceive and create images. This individual is more likely to resort to images to assist with their understanding. Their contribution to the team may include maps, charts, or graphs. The verbal-linguistic learner has the ability to communicate through language. Writing tasks should be handled by this team member. This individual is usually best in a leader position...

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