Communication and Children

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1) Children learn best by observing the behavior of adults and copying it. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Parents are among the earliest person that are in contact and always stay by the children’s side and thus there are many saying that parents are the first teacher of the children. Since children start from zero from the day they are born, they will start to learn something new by watching the adults and imitating them. Example that can be given is when a baby first learning to talk, they will imitate what the adults are saying. The first word that usually teaches by the parents is either papa or mama and the baby then will imitate the word. This is how the children first learn to talk and same goes when an adult is cursing others, they will also recording the words used. Next, children can be said as a mirror that will reflect back what they observed. This can be seen by the conduct of the adults that watched by the children. They will simply copying the conduct as children do not know to differentiate between right and wrong. Example that can be given is when a child observing his father acted violently towards his mother in their house and he will then do the same to others. Some cases reported saying that a violent man or woman usually had experienced those situation since their young age. People will normally hard to change their habits, especially one that they learned from their childhood. An example that can be given is when the adults around the children are smokers or alcoholics, these bad habits usually will be tried by the children when they have access to that stuff. Nowadays the stuffs can be easily be bought even by a minor from the convenience stores such as 7-eleven and other stores. Same goes to good habits such as reading, appreciating others and also helping those needed. When a child used to follow their parent doing charity work, they will never feel hard to help others. Thus it shows that children learn best by observing the adults. In the other aspects such as foods or fashion, and also in respect of their thinking, adult give many influence in these matters. The behavior of adults can give good and bad implication to the children. This is because children always observes what the adults are doing. When an adult wears sexy dress, they will do the same since they used to see and did not know it is actually wrong. Same goes to the thinking, adult usually ask the children what to do and not to do but sometimes the adult will do to the contrary. This will make the children think whether to do something or to follow what the adults are doing. As the conclusion, it is strongly agreed that the children learn best by observing the behavior of the adult since the children was born zero and the adults who are the nearest person in contact with the children are those who responsible to teach everything and shape the children.

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2) What do schools need to do to prepare students for the 21st century? Discuss your opinions.

Year 2000 to 2100 is known as 21st century where the society also describes the period as a modern era especially in technology. In order to make sure that the teaching and learning session in this modern era running smoothly as well as to make sure the student may adapt themselves with the era, there are a few steps that the schools need to do in order to prepare the students. The first thing that the school can do is by introducing the technology to the student. In the 21st century, almost all business in our daily life needs the application of technology. Thus in order to prepare the student with technology application, the teaching and learning process can be done using various gadgets such as computers, iPad, projector, netbooks and others. The use of textbook is no doubt still relevant but by using the modern gadgets, the session of teaching and learning will be more adventure and...
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