Communication and Assisting Service Users

Topics: Hygiene, Nonviolent Communication, Bidet Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: April 23, 2013
How to communicate and assist service users on how to do what they can not do

After the handing over, we are assigned to service users in other to support them with their personal care needs. In the morning, i knock at the service users doors and say morning to prepare them to get ready for a wash. For those that are unable to have access to toilet facilities, i apply a manual handling by supporting them in movement from the bed to the toilet by using hoist or wheelchair which must be in good standard and for those who are able; I make sure they use the toilet.

Communication comes in many ways, you can communicate with service users verbally, body language or eye to eye contact. The process of care and communication to provide a good care is something which should be carefully planned to meant to be helping the service user, it is very important to know the well being response to individual needs to provide right care that the service user benefit from and contribute to overall improvement in care plan. So after providing the help for those who are able and unable to help themselves, I then give report in the hand over book to enable the staff taking over from me knows where problems are and how resident have been and what they need. This is where communication comes in, to instruct somebody to do something verbally or through hand written in the hand over book or care plan. During the process of personal care, some of the service users are very aggressive or they have a challenging behaviour response to the service you are rendering to them, you calm them down or go away for some minutes and then come back to them and make sure all these is written in the hand over book or your care plan for the staff to know what is happening and how to go about it. I also communicate with the service users while giving them a wash, i ask them if they had good sleep and also ask them for the colour or type of cloth he or she would like to wear. After washing and...
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