Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: November 28, 2014

Service-learning i.e. community service with organizations or out-class opportunities for communicational learning. First, it provides students an eye-open experience by “pushing” students out of their comfort zones to view the outside world. Second, service-learning helps students gain communication skills because they have to talk and interact with different group of people. Not only to view and to talk, but also to think. Students make connections between what we learn from the book and what we actually do during the service thus students make reflections to think about themselves and to make differences in the community. From service-learning, I personally learned that a lot of the poor who go to the “soup kitchens” are actually psycho by talking to them during the service. I used to think people who are poor are definite lazy but service learning changes my point of view. It changes my perspective and gained my talking skills to the homeless. First, human communication is skilled-based and learned e.g. we learned to influence our parents to get what we want in an early age by crying, later by gesturing and wording. Second, effective communication improves our lives e.g. we need to present ourselves properly using effective communication skills so others can get the right information from us. Third, communication defines us e.g. what we received our young age most shaped our personalities and taught us the way we treat others. First, a strong non-verbal communicator makes eye-contact with his/her audience. Second, he/she must have proper talking speed and tone pitch. Third, he/she could speak through gestures. I do not make eye contact with audience. I think need to become more confident when I talk to people or give a speech. “Reflection helps you integrate what you have been absorbing through the course content with the community external to the college campus.” An effective reflection model could be: identifying a project, planning and preparation,...
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