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Communication is when two or more people exchange information. Good communication skills is essential in a work setting because it’s vital for the development of positive relationships with people using the services provided, and also for their families and friends, so that they can understand and meet their needs. Communication is also crucial to develop positive relationships with work colleagues and other professionals, as well as to share information with those using the services, by providing and receiving information. There are different forms of communication, verbal and nonverbal. Verbal communication uses spoken words, to present ideas, thoughts and feelings. Good verbal communication is when one is able to use words to convey their ideas clearly and also to listen carefully to other people. This may involve using a variety of approaches too. Non-verbal communication refers to expressing our ideas and opinions without speaking. In this case, one may communicate using body language, sign language, lip reading, facial expressions, written words, pictures, objects, and also tone of voice and physical contact. In nonverbal communication, and even during verbal communication in some cases, it’s important to be able to read what a person’s body language is saying, and to also be aware of your body language too, when working with others. Generally to have effective communication you have to be very clear about what you’re trying to say to children, parents & colleagues. You have to use clear language understood by those being communicated with. In addition to that both adults & children’s point of view must be understood. These are the reasons to build up a good relationship with children, parents & colleagues. Children need to be spoken to at their level to gain good communication. A good way of doing so is having good eye contact, use of appropriate language. Children need to be left time to absorb the information that you have given them. So...
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