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Formal Communication Networks vs. the Grapevine: Definition & Contrast Video
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Formal communication networks consist of centralized and decentralized channels, while the grapevine is an informal network. In this lesson, you'll learn how most of organizational communication happens using an informal network due to friends, usage and efficiency. Communication Problems

Spiffy Cowboy Clothes Corporation was having a successful year. Employee morale was at an all-time high. Tex was an employee at Spiffy who had been problematic to the company in the past. He was reprimanded this week for inappropriate business behavior at a meeting. Tex was furious that he was 'singled-out' and started a very negative campaign within the organization. He started rumors and innuendo about employees, managers and the company through the corporate grapevine. A grapevine is an informal communication network of an organization. The company's morale started a precipitous decline due to the rumors. The human resource manager started an investigation to see how they could combat this huge issue that Tex started through the formal communication networks, or official, corporate-endorsed communication channels. Formal Communication Networks

Traditionally, companies utilize formal communication networks to communicate with an organization. Formal networks depend upon the location of the workers, rules of communication and status hierarchy of the employees. Many companies pursue communication flow through an organigram, also known as organogram, which is a diagram of a company's hierarchy that reflects formal lines of communication. For example, it would be inappropriate for Tex, who is a lower level manager, to email the CEO directly with a question or complaint. Tex should contact his direct superior with any issue. Centralized and decentralized are two types of formal communication networks. A centralized network...
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