Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Paralanguage Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: March 25, 2014
What is the most important thing in our day-to-day lives? It is something so small, most of the time we do not even think of it. That is of course communication. The world of business would not be able to function without simple communication. Whether it is speaking to the person next to you, shrugging your shoulders when someone asks how your day is going or videoconference calling your co-workers in Japan, communication is key. There are many different types of communication that we use everyday. The main ways are tone of voice, body language, facial expressions and eye contact. All of these are important in their own way. They can demonstrate a level of familiarity you have with whomever you are communicating and show our emotion. Most communication involves more then one type but the exchange can be very simple as well (Cheesebro, Connor, Rios, 2010). Communication is business is very important. Using these different types of communication can help or hinder any business situation. With all the new technology the business world is taking advantage of, it is very important to make sure we are using each type of communication properly and to full advantage (Effective communication in business, 2013). . One of the most important types of communication in the business world is tone of voice. With the business world taking full advantage of new ways to communicate with employees and customers, it is essential to maintain the proper tone of voice. Depending on whom we are talking to, we may have a different tone of voice (Schwartz, 2011, p. 1). We would not talk to the president of our company the same way we talk to one of our co-workers on our lunch break. The tone in our voice can describe our mood without even having to show it. When we are having an emotional day, we can also come across the wrong way when talking to someone. We may offend a co-worker or employee without even realizing how we may have come across (Schwartz, 2011, p. 1)....
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