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Poor Communication
Jake Zamora
COM 200: Interpersonal Communication
Jennifer Ashton
March 3, 2014


Communication is an important part of forming healthy and lasting relations. People may say the same thing, but the style of saying it matters. Every person is different and has a different perception of a message. Conversational styles are important in context of the communications that we have as individuals. This paper examines the results of a website, Language Matching Style that measure the result of a conversation between two people. The article, “Shared Talking Style Herald New and Lasting Romance” Research has been conducted to determine if communication skills play a role in determining just how long a friendship or relationship will last. If we use the same types of communication or communication skills in our interpersonal relationships, do we stand a better chance at a life-long friendship, or a lasting marriage? The studies have shown that how we communicate with others can have an effect on how long our interpersonal relationships can last.  In his article, Bower (2010) explains when persons converse with one another and use the same type of function words in their conversations, that they are on their way to building a lasting and stable friendship or romantic relationship. These function words refer to the different parts of speech, such as the conjunctions and prepositions, which each person uses when he communicates. When we use them in the same way or with the same meaning as others do, it is believed that we are in sync with one another; in a sense, we are also more compatible as well.  The author does not believe that using particular function words or parts of speech makes us more or less compatible with others. We simply use the language and words we have learned during our youth, or based upon the experiences we have had in our past. We may be drawn to those who speak...
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