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Laecticia Austen-Ujah
SHC31 Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings

Identify the different reasons people communicate
People communicate for different reasons, which are as follows: * To teach: We communicate is to impart knowledge and to teach. This way of communication allows future generations to acquire the knowledge and expand on it. Examples of this include information about what products are safe to eat or how to invent.

* To learn: Communication is also used in the other direction for the reason to learn and understand. People use communication to question and acquire knowledge from others. This includes asking a teacher or management about difficult situations or policies.

* To relate (establish, maintain, and adjust relationships): One of the most important reasons that we communicate is to build relationships. These relationships may be romantic, friendly or strictly professional but all of them require communication to build a basis (shared understanding). Some other reasons why people communicate:

* To maintain and promote good working relationships
* To gain and share information
* To encourage the children to communicate effectively
* To ensure that everybody knows where they stand

* To get their point across and ensure safety in the work environment

* To help people understand how you are feeling and act accordingly

* To work together

* To prevent errors

* Express your wants and needs

* To help build and maintain trust

* To negotiate and liaise with others

Explain how communication affects relationship in the work setting Communication affects relationships in many ways in the work setting. For example: with colleagues, the manager or supervisor and also the parents of the child and the child.

Effective communication is a two-way process. The person communicating has to send a clear and concise message to the responding party. The message must be understood correctly to have a response.

Communication can be in the way of telephone, written notes, email alerts, text messages and vocal. when working in a care setting communication is a key factor, you need to be able to communicate with a wide range of people such as, children and young people, their parents, families and/or carers, other members or staff and management, you will also have to come into contact with other professional from time to time such as; doctors, nurses, first aider, teachers and social workers. Communication comes in many different forms from one-to-one interactions, with a child and parents or with a group. Communication is very important in the work setting.

Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication Verbal communication:
Tone and pitch of your voice, does it suit the situation or topic? A louder more direct communication maybe required if trying to get the attention of a group of children to come back inside. However this would not be suitable in a situation whereby a child is upset say for example if they have wet themselves and are embarrassed, this would need a quieter and understanding tone to reassure them.

Use of language is important, when talking to children you need to keep things simpler than if you were walking to an adult, however if you talking to an adult using very simple instructions this may be deemed as patronising, so it is important to choose your language carefully.

The speed in which you talk is also key. When talking to children I tend to get down to their level and talk to them at a relatively slow speed, this way they are more likely to understand me more than if I was walking round above them talking as though I would talk to adults.

Non-verbal communication:

Facial and hand gestures, again this needs to be tailored to the situation or topic. In the example above, a smile and perhaps a hand on their shoulder is sufficient to the situation. Where by frowning and waving...
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