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Assignment Questions (MC)
Unit I
1. Define Communication, What are the characteristics of communication, and briefly mention types of communication. 2. Explain the role and process of communication.
3. What are the barriers of communication and how to overcome barriers? 4. Write short notes on:
a)Listening process and importance of learning.
b) Improving listening skills.
c) Importance of feedback and principles of feedback.

Unit II
1. What do you mean by non-verbal communication, its characteristics and types of Non-verbal communication? 2. What are the steps to be taken to interpret Non-verbal communication? 3. What is the meaning of Negotiation? Explain briefly Approaches of Negotiation 4.Write short notes on:

a) Body language
b) Physical proximity
c) Definition of negotiation
d) Bargain orientation.

Unit –III
1. Explain the concept and types of presentations.
2. Explain the methods of speaking and briefly write about persuasive speaking. 3. Write briefly about Commemorative speaking and its principles. 4. Write short notes on:
a)Analysing audience
b)Non-verbal dimensions of presentation
c) Good presentation
d)Star strategy.

Unit –IV
1. What do you mean by Report writing? How do you prepare Report, What are the different types of Reports? 2. Write briefly about Annual Report and Write tips to write Annual reports. 3. Write about Business letters .What is the different form of letters. 4. Write short notes on:

a) Routine Vs special reports.
b)Individual vs. committee reports .
c) Drafting a Resume

Unit V
1. What do you mean by media relations .how to build better relations with media? 2. Write about Investor Relations and Frame work for Investor Relations. 3. Explain briefly about ways and means of managing governing power. 4. Define Crisis Communication. Mention do’s and don’ts in the wake of crisis.
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