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MBA-Communication and Coorporation (WS/MBA/12/13/00164)

Communication and Coorporation WS/MBA/12/13/00164

WS12/13 - Research Project The quest for leadership and organizational success requires the identification, reliance, application and implementation of effective leadership communication strategies, theories, models and tools in today’s workplace. For this research project assignment, you will act as an external or internal consultant for your organization (internal consultant) or for a client organization (external consultant). Your purpose will be to assist the organization (yours or that of the client) in identifying effective communication principles, theories, models, concepts and tools that are applicable and can be adopted for effective leadership communication processes within the chosen organization. Note: § Your chosen organization is having productivity and performance problems/issues as a result of lack of effective channels, tools, models and systems of communication within the organization. § Your research paper/project must have the following structure

A. Abstract (not more than 200 words) B. Introduction C. The body of the research paper/project (content, headings and subheadings, da-ta/information collected and analysis where necessary) D. Conclusion E. Reference page(s), APA Style. Students are required to use at least 10 sources. Adherence to citation standards (fully acknowledging the sources of all materials re-lied on in the preparation of the research paper within the text and full bibliography at the end of the paper) - students who do not adhere to this requirement could be guilty of plagiarism. When in doubt please refer to the guidelines on citations on the plat-form under Exams Office.

Communication and Coorporation |


Communication and Coorporation WS/MBA/12/13/00164

Table of Content

Abstract Introduction Background Study Objectives
(Hypothesis) (Company, management, employees, customers & communication style)

3 4 5 8 9 11 13 23 27 29 31 37

Theoretical Frame work
(Theories and Models)

Conceptual Framework

Literature Review Data Analysis

(Communication, Leadership, Barriers to communication)

Recommendations Conclusion Appendix (Questionnaires) References

Communication and Coorporation |


Communication and Coorporation WS/MBA/12/13/00164

ABSTRACT This research paper examines the strategic benefits of adopting effective leadership communication strategies at the Trinity Interactive Limited. The research focuses on creating an excellent communication strategy as a tool for building the corporate image of the firm by adopting communication theories, models and practices to manage the internal assets namely employees, management, and external targets, client’s motivation and performance in the ICT sector. As the internal communication consultant, I plan to compare the results between service employees, management styles and customers feedback in terms of communication as a motivating factor. The theories used in this study to create a conceptual framework are the Circular theory of communication. I also adopted the Shannon Weaver model of communication. These concepts, models and theories gave me an in-depth knowledge to see and use effective communication as a tool to transform the current production and service delivery challenges of Trinity Interactive Limited. The company was surveyed using a semi-structured questionnaire with some open-ended questions. The study found that understanding communication as a corporate tool starts from individual competence in communicating, communicating across cultures and communicating effectively to clients. I suggested that the employees surveyed should invest on improving the motivator factors within...

References: Communication and Coorporation WS/MBA/12/13/00164
BACKGROUND STUDY The Company Trinity Interactive Limited is a Ghanaian limited liability company, registered under the company registration code, 1963 Act (179)
Communication and Coorporation WS/MBA/12/13/00164
Theoretical Framework The theoretical frameworks that have been chosen for this study are The Shannon-Weaver Model (1949)
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