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Introduction to Communication Worksheet

Paragraph Questions

Answer the following questions in your own words. Each response must be written as an academic paragraph of at least 150 words. Be clear and concise, and provide explanations for your answers. Format your sources consistent with APA guidelines.

1. According to Introducing Communication Theory (2010), what is the definition of communication? What does communication mean to you personally? Provide an example.

The text describes communication as a social process in which individuals employ

symbols to establish and interpret meaning in their environment. Communication is a very

important aspect in the career that I am in. As a law enforcement officer it is our life line, we must

be able to communicate with each other in order stabilize a dangers decision, or to simply receive

assistance from our fellow officers when needed. Communication is so imperative within law

enforcement that when we train new officers we have what we call the crucial seven. It is seven

of the essential aspects that a police officer must be able to master prior to being able to work on

his own, and maintain his job. Two of the seven categories fall under communication, new

officers have been failed out of the program, and other officers have been disciplines because of

their lack of good communication skills. In essence what I am saying is that communication for

me is a “life line” that is not to be taken lightly.

2. Describe the differences between linear, interactional, and transactional communication.

The text describes Linear communication as a one-way view of communication that assumes a message is sent by a source to a receiver through a channel (Communication theory, 2010). Some examples of Linear communication would be a letter or an email. Interactional communication is a view of communication as the sharing of meaning with feedback that links source and receiver (Communication theory, 2010). An example of Interactional communication would be forms of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Transactional communication is a view of communication as the simultaneous sending and receiving of messages (Communication theory, 2010). An example of transactional communication would be face to face communication. The texted states that defining communication can be difficult due to conceptualizations of communication have been abundant and have changed substantially over the years (Pg 4.). The text also states that it is like a piece of luggage, it is overstuffed with all manner of odd ideas and meanings (Communication theory, 2010).

3. Why is communication critical to developing self-concept? Provide an example of how communication has helped you develop your self-concept.

I believe the way we express ourselves in our communication is directly affected by the environment and surroundings we grow up in. I learned this when I moved from Pennsylvania to Georgia. When I first moved down here and began speaking to neighbors, coworkers and other acquaintances I soon learned, that the way I perceived myself and my personality was much different than how other people perceived me. I considered myself an outgoing and friendly person, but I had people here tell me I was short and came of as being condescending. I soon learned that it was a cultural thing; the way I acted and communicated up North was not accepted down South. I had to reevaluate my self-concept of the way I communicated if I wished to be able to acclimate myself to a new environment. I realized how big of a difference it was when I revisited Pennsylvania several years after moving down here, and was able to see the extreme differences in communication.

Myth or Reality?

Identify whether each of the following sentences is a myth or a reality. Explain...
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