Topics: Cosmetics, Null hypothesis, Statistical hypothesis testing Pages: 27 (5962 words) Published: April 19, 2013

Project on
“Consumer Satisfaction of Oriflame’s Product
in Ahmedabad”

Submitted To
Prof. Himali Broker
MBA Department
LDRP-Institute of Technology and Research, Gandhinagar
(Affiliated to Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad


The project provides an opportunity to a student to demonstrate application of his knowledge, skill and competencies required during the session. Project also helps the student to devote he skill to analyze the problem and to suggest alternative solutions, to evaluate them and to provide feasible recommendations on the provided data.

The project report is on the topic of “CONSUMER SATISFACTION OF ORIFLAME PRODUCTS IN AHMEDABAD”. Although I have tried my level best to prepare this report an error free report every effort has been made to offer the most authenticate position with accuracy.


We extend our deep appreciation and gratitude to all those who gave us the possibilities to complete this project. We would like to thank Prof. Surya Krishna Mantrala, Head of Department, LDRP Institute of Technology & Research, Prof. Hemali Broker, who helped us throughout the project and also in the successful completion of our project. She has given a lot of extra input in our project. Besides practical experience, we have gained a lot out of this project. We wish to express gratitude to Prof. Anand in helping us to take the right path towards the completion of the project. We thankful to all the faculty members of MBA Department for their continuous support & guidance for the completion of this project.

With the help of these fine people and their continuous support and faith of our family, we were able to bring out these results.


Oriflame is a product range that caters to the beautification needs of not only women and men in their adult age but in today’s context teenagers also. It has a brand personality of someone who takes care of you and your needs. It tries to position amongst its consumer as a product range that will help to look beautiful. The report has tried to bring out the parameters those are of paramount importance to general Public who are satisfied or dissatisfied with the oriflame products. The working methodology has been discussed i.e. the data collection methods, sampling methods and the survey questionnaire methods. The questionnaire prepared is designed so as to cover a wide range of customer “touch points”.

A sample of 100 people was selected randomly and survey was done as per the parameters of the questionnaire. The results of every parameter have been included in this report and shown graphically (bar graphs etc.) A complete structure of the research design has been included.

From all the survey which we have done throughout our project is giving me the final conclusion which shows that the people are satisfied with the Oriflame products. It also shows that people gives importance to the quality of the product rather than price. In this project we have used statistical instruments like hypothesis and bar graphs. This is very important statistical test.

Serial no.ContentPage no.
3Executive summary
4Introduction of Project8
5Literature Review9
6Research Methodology10
7Company Profile14
8Data Analysis28
9Findings & Suggestions40
10Suggestions to the company41

Serial no.ContentPage no.
1Use of Oriflame product28
2Purchase of Oriflame products35
3Attitude towards direct selling 36
4Things better in oriflame37
5Usage of the product38...
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