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Helping Annie video is a video about a young lady with depression and an eating disorder. She has confronted her school nurse about the problem and is seeking help. She is a senior in High School with no history of depression. In her junior year at High School, her grades started to fall. The nurse decided to bring in a psychiatrist and social worker. With this group, the nurse will hopefully be giving a plan on how to help Annie. When the group decided to sit together, the diversity within the group was different. Annie’s nurse had, social worker and psychiatrist each wanted to help Annie in their own way, but neither wanted to listen to the ideas that the others had. At the beginning diversity caused barriers in communication of the group. Each person wanted to be heard for their idea and was not allowing others to give insight in their ideas. From the transcript, it looked as if another person was cutting off each person. A few times in the transcripts, words were being cut off giving the idea that another person was jumping in the conversation. Maybe if the group used a sense of competence and a sense of progress they could have agreed on an accomplishment at the beginning of the session. Having a sense of progress for the group meeting may have been the key for starting out the meeting. If everyone understood from the beginning that they were brought in with Annie as their goal, then maybe the barrier of communication would have not risen. Each person in the group was competent in their own mind and profession; this is why they were brought into the meeting. Maybe being too proud could have caused some of the opinions. The members of the group should have come to the meeting with open eyes and left their ego-ness at the door before entering into the meeting.

Planning a playground is a meeting with parents a possibly PTO parents. Some attended the meeting to meet knew people and others attended the meeting to discuss a...
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