Communicating in Cyberspace

Topics: HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, World Wide Web Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: August 21, 2011
Cyberspace Communication 215

Communication in Cyberspace what does it means and how do these works fit together. To begin I first looked up the definition of these two words. Communications: All means of symbolic or verbal communication (newspapers, mail, email, telephones, television, radio, etc.) that people and machines use to make contact and share information. [i]

Cyberspace: Imaginary, intangible, virtual-reality realm where (in general) computer-communications and simulations and (in particular) internet activity takes place. The electronic equivalent of human psyche (the 'mindspace' where thinking and dreaming occur), cyberspace is the domain where objects are neither physical nor representations of the physical world, but are made up entirely of data manipulation and information [ii] After taking this course it appears the sum of these words are greater than their individual parts. The dynamics of this subject is overwhelming. I can why as an assignment we only had to address three of the topics explored otherwise you could wind up with writing something that approaches the size of War and Peace. The three subjects that interested me the most was the aspects of ethics and privacy, web site design and how it is culturally modified to meet the respective audiences and HTML programming Ethics and privacy, in one of our first lessons, we watched a video of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who by most counts is responsible for the internet, as we know it today explained how he fell victim to fraud while buying a Christmas present via the internet. He continued to say how violated he felt after he found out that had happened, to him it was similar to discovering that one of your children has stolen money from you. The internet has also spawned an industry of dubious distinction identity theft. No one is safe from it as it cut across all culture and ethics divides. Interestingly most of the thieves are from so-called poor...
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