Communicating Effectively Skills

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Mastering Communication

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"If all my possessions were taken from me with one exception, I would choose to keep the power for speech, for by it I would soon regain all the rest." – Daniel Webster

We spend most our lives interacting with others. We all have different reasons to talk to different people. We say things in a certain way depending on who we are speaking too. There is a lot more to communication than just putting words together and saying them out loud. The ability to communicate effectively takes real skill and learning this skill never ends.

Being able to communicate effectively is probably one of the most important skills one person can have. Communication is our gateway to the rest of the world. You are the only person that can say what you want. If you do not know how to express what you want or explain what your intentions are clearly, others could easily take what you say and turn your own words against you. To avoid situations like this you must be assertive.

A key component to becoming an effective communicator knows how to express your feelings and ideas honestly and openly. Being assertive means taking responsibility for your own actions and not blaming everyone else. It is the willingness to actually listen to what others are saying and respecting them no matter how different their views are from your own.

There is always a purpose for communicating. We use communication to share information, to ask for information back, to persuade, and to build relationships. The only way we can gain any knowledge is by interacting with others. When we think of communication the one thing that rarely comes in to our minds is listening. We could not communicate if we did not listen. You could be asking someone a question. Yet, if no one is there to listen, the question you asked will never be answered. In order for any of us to communicate effectively with one another, we have to understand...
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